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Alison Gray Home Manager Solent

Alison Gray

Home Manager

I joined Future Care Group as Home Manager of Solent Grange in June 2021. I have a passion for providing quality care and encourage feedback from our clients, their loved ones and our staff to ensure we are constantly striving to be the best we can, by understanding the needs and wishes of everyone we encounter.

Other than the beautiful location, what drew me to the home was the welcoming and happy atmosphere. Our team of dedicated staff go above and beyond to promote a person centred service and seek opportunities to incorporate innovative ideas for the benefit of those we care for. I am proud of the busy activities programme we offer and love to see the positive effects this has on our clients and staff.

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Micha Gail Andal Deputy Manager

Micha Gail Andal

Deputy Manager

“Leadership is about being a servant first” – Allen West.

As a trained nurse since 2013, I must say that I have found my true purpose as a professional in taking care of vulnerable adults.

Being a Deputy Manager here, at Solent Grange, makes it possible for me to lead and practice my nursing skills at the same time.

I am elated that my role has given me opportunities to work with my supportive colleagues and take care of our lovely residents which gives me the most rewarding feeling.

It also opens doors for further career advancement and professional development as we are supported with up-to-date, relevant trainings which makes us more competitive in our respective roles, thus ensuring we provide quality care to our clients.

Melinda Money Admin Manager

Melinda Money

Administration Manager

Many of us can relate to the selfless values of care, comfort and compassion when supporting the elderly who have been there for us over the years. Being part of a company that live these core values every day was very important to me when considering Future Care Group as my employer.

My role as Administration Manager at Solent Grange is to oversee office operations in support of the Home Manager and Care staff, ensuring all policies are adhered to and relevant legislation requirements are fully met. This in turn permits the Home to operate effectively and efficiently.

I value the opportunity of being a part of the Future Care Group and delighted to have joined a dedicated, friendly team who are truly passionate about delivering quality care to all of our residents here, at Solent Grange.

Wendy Worth Receptionist

Wendy Worth


I joined the Future Care Group in March 2022 as a Receptionist.

The first thing I noticed was the care and compassion displayed by all the staff towards the residents and their families/friends.

I feel privileged to see all the residents and staff each day when delivering mail and newspapers. It feels like one big happy family.

As the first point of contact, I believe it is important to remain cheerful, be a good listener, quickly resolve enquiries and be completely confidential in my manner. I enjoy using my skills and experience acquired in previous roles.

Sarah Goodier Head of Care

Sarah Goodier

Head of Care

I started working at Solent Grange in September 2021 as a Team Leader and was soon promoted to Head of Care.
My role gives me the opportunity to support my staff, make sure the residents feel safe and comfortable living at Solent Grange as well as support their families.
I have a passion for providing quality care and ensuring we are constantly developing and aiming to do the best we can.
I love working with my supportive colleagues and taking care of our lovely residents which gives me the most rewarding feeling. It also gives me the opportunity to explore my career progression in the future.
I enjoy being a part of the Future Care Group and am delighted to have joined a dedicated, friendly team who are truly passionate about delivering quality care to all our residents here, at Solent Grange.

Chris Dunne Maintenance Manager

Chris Dunne

Maintenance Manager

I’m the Maintenance Manager and have worked for the company for over 12 years. I really enjoy my job as I get to see and speak to the residents on a daily basis.
It’s nice to see how well they are cared for by all of our staff and how happy they are at our home.

Pearl Chartres

Pearl Chartres

Senior Health Care Assistant

It is important to me that our residents feel safe and comfortable living at Solent Grange. I like working alongside a team who are committed to delivering a quality life for our residents. My role gives me the opportunity to spend time with our residents and get to know them which I find most rewarding, especially when I have one to one time with them. In my free time away from work I like to relax with my family and enjoy knitting and studying.

Leah Wherry Lifestyle Lead Solent

Leah Wherry

Lifestyle Lead

I joined Solent Grange Nursing Home in February 2022. I have worked in care for 10 years now. After lockdown, it was a real eye-opener for me being able to spend lots of extra time with residents and really getting to know them. When the opportunity came along at Solent Grange to be part of the activities team, I was so pleased to take the job! Now all of my focus can be on the residents and on making their days amazing, putting a smile on their faces and getting to hear all their different life stories. I love making their days as jammed-packed as possible and organizing outings so they can get out and about. I thrive off trying to make a difference to the residents and being supportive.

Emma Pearson Kitchen Chef

Emma Pearson

Kitchen Manager

I joined the Solent Grange team in 2015 as an Assistant Cook. I have always worked in hospitality and have a passion for creating traditional home-cooked food. During my time as an Assistant Cook my passion grew for preparing individual meals for our residents.
In January 2022 the opportunity arose, and I became Kitchen Manager. My role involves creating nutritionally balanced menus and maintaining a five-star safe environment for food to be prepared and eaten.
I pride myself in creating a welcoming dining space where our residents can come and enjoy their food and have a social dining room experience.
The kitchen team and I are delighted to engage with the care team and other departments when there are different events held and feel it’s my time to shine.
Outside of my work life, I’m a devoted mum and nanny. I enjoy spending time outdoors and taking my dog on long walks. I’m also a keen traveller.

Liam Whire

Liam White

Kitchen porter/Chef

I assist with the running of the kitchen ensuring our residents have delicious and nutritious meals prepared for them each day. I particularly enjoy the feedback and ideas I receive from the residents as it enables us to create meals they like to eat.  I get satisfaction from knowing our residents find the food we serve tasty. When I am not working in my free time I enjoy going for walks and Deejaying.